Homeowner, Condo & Renter Insurance

Homeowner, Condo & Renter InsuranceA home is more than a house. This is true whether the home is a house, a condominium, a cooperative or a rented apartment. Each one is unique and requires an experienced organization to write a proper insurance plan. AssuredPartners Northeast's professional staff has years of experience tailoring programs to meet specific client needs.

Homeowners insurance insures the home itself, the possessions inside and expenses associated with living elsewhere after a claim. Homeowners insurance is a package policy. It covers both damage to property as well as liability or legal responsibility for injuries and property damage to others caused by the insured.

Damage caused by most common disasters is usually covered, but there are exceptions. The most significant exceptions are damage caused by floods and earthquakes. In those cases, separate policies can be obtained or specific coverage can sometimes be added.

Secondary Homes

AssuredPartners Northeast helps clients evaluate the insurance needs related to seasonal, secondary and vacation homes. These homes are often located in areas like the seashore or remote locations where insurance is very difficult to obtain. At AssuredPartners Northeast, our market strength and our network of underwriting facilities have proven to be valuable resources to clients who have homes in such areas.