International Programs

International Insurance, Business Insurance

In today’s global economy, many businesses cross national borders. Contracts with foreign suppliers, exporting of goods, maintaining foreign offices and employees traveling abroad are increasingly commonplace. These exposures are typically not covered by standard commercial Insurance policies.

Foreign liability and foreign automobile liability coverage is protection for suits resulting from events that occur outside the United States and Canada where the suit is also brought outside the United States and Canada.

Foreign voluntary workers compensation begins when U.S. workers compensation statutory coverage does not apply to a foreign work related accident or disease. It can provide coverage on a 24/7 basis for employees hired or assigned to work outside the U.S. and Canada.

Foreign property coverage can provide insurance on properties located outside the U.S. owned by both US and foreign companies.

Other available international policies can include accidental death, dismemberment or sickness for executives or employees temporarily traveling outside the U.S. and Canada on business. Often, the expense to repatriate the person is included in this coverage. Kidnap and ransom insurance, which covers ransom and specific expenses resulting from the kidnapping of U.S. employees in foreign countries, is also available.