Trade Credit Insurance

Trade Credit Insurance, Business Credit Insurance, Export Credit InsuranceTrade credit insurance reimburses your company for delayed and/or uncollected accounts receivable both domestically and internationally. On average, roughly 5 percent of a business’s accounts receivable is written off as bad debt. This is a common loss that can be insured with a trade credit policy.

Common Issues Businesses Face:
  • Bad debt write offs.
  • More capital is required to expand and grow the business, but the company is unable to obtain the proper bank financing.
  • The collections process is too long and has the potential to cause rifts between you and your customers.
  • Your company does not have the resources to properly decide the credit limits and payment terms for your customers.
  • Your company wants to expand into new markets but does not have enough market intelligence to do so.
Trade Credit Policy Benefits:
  • Reimbursement for bad debt losses.
  • Increases sales by extending more credit to your customers on more flexible terms.
  • Increases borrowing power with the security of insured receivables.
  • Covers loss due to political risk.
  • Expert credit information resource if you wish to obtain credit information about your current customers as well as potential customers in new markets.
  • Transfer the responsibility of the collection services to a specialized department within the insurance company.