Commercial Real EstateThe unique insurance needs of real estate firms are fully understood at AssuredPartners Northeast.  Whether a client is a single-location business or a national firm with multiple locations, AssuredPartners Northeast is experienced in guiding clients through the difficulties inherent to the real estate industry.  We work closely with clients during the acquisition process and assist clients and their attorneys in conducting reviews of leases, contracts and financing documents.  Our suggestions often help reduce exposures to loss and shift the responsibility for potential losses to other parties.

Our goal is to simplify insurance while broadening coverage in order to reduce the potential for uncovered losses.  AssuredPartners Northeast was one of the first in the industry to regularly use broadening endorsements such as building ordinance coverage and extended period of indemnity coverage.

We work with clients to assist in the review of operational and maintenance procedures in order to help reduce costly property and liability claims.  When new construction or new acquisitions are planned, our staff can assist in lowering future insurance costs through proper planning.  AssuredPartners Northeast monitors insurance company claim reserving practices since overstated claim reserves can be costly to a client resulting in higher rates being charged than are warranted.